I Wani Hug that Gator!
The Prehistoric Romance a million-and-one years in the making!

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I Wani Hug that Gator! is a choice-driven narrative about teenagers struggling to find their way. Help Inco, loser highschooler extraordinaire, navigate his budding friendships (and romance!) while surviving being the only human in a dinosaur-filled school.

Screenshot 1: Inco, Damien and Olivia stand in the school cafeteria. Inco asks "Wait, you're using your freebie make-up test on a five point pop-quiz?"
Screenshot 2: Inco is surprised as he is very closely inspected by the long-necked dinosaur girl, Liz.
Screenshot 3: Olivia races down the hallway in a wheelchair past Inco while shouting "Move it, loser!"
Screenshot 4: As Mia starts fuming, Inco and Ben realizes that he fucked up.
Screenshot 5: Olivia and Inco enjoy some video-games together.